10th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems
From research to practice: Results and open challenges

Workshops on 29 May, 2012

Conference on 30 May - 1 June, 2012


The conference is over now, thank you to all the participants and see you in 2014!
You can find some photos HERE

Keynote presentations

Graham Button:The Ubiquity of Work For Systems Design
Marco Susani: Guerrilla Collaboration Wins the Corporate Generals
Twentieth anniversary talk by Manuel Zacklad: Twenty years after, do we have other definitions of cooperation, coordination and collective activities in the new world of digital culture?

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COOP 2012 will be the tenth COOP conference and twenty years on from the first conference in 1992 we are asking practitioners to reflect on what have been the successes and the failures, and what are the remaining challenges in our relevant domains. It will take place in Marseille , France. The conference aims at bringing together researchers who contribute to the analysis and design of cooperative systems and their integration in organizational unity, public and otherbsettings, and their implications for policy and decision-making.

The COOP conferences suggest that cooperative systems design requires deep understanding of collective activities, involving both artifacts and social practices. Contributions are solicited from a wide range of domains contributing to the fields of cooperative systems design and evaluation: CSCW, HCI, Information Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Multi-agents, organizational and management sciences, sociology, psychology, anthropology, ergonomics, linguistics, etc.

Contact: coop12@g-scop.inpg.fr