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• Workshops 29th May 2012

Workshop Program is online (visit program page for more information)

Call for Workshops is over

COOP 2012 will be the tenth COOP conference and twenty years on from the first conference in 1992 as a general theme we are asking practitioners to reflect on what have been the successes and the failures, and what the remaining challenges are in our relevant domains. It will take place in Marseille, France. The conference aims at bringing together researchers who contribute to the analysis and design of cooperative systems and their integration in organizational unity, public and other settings, and their implications for policy and decision-making.

Workshops may choose to address the general theme of reflection if desired but equally they provide an opportunity to discuss and explore emerging areas of research on designing cooperative systems with a group of like-minded researchers and practitioners. Workshops may focus on any aspect of theory or practice, established concerns or new ideas in the field of the design of cooperative systems. The goal of a workshop is to share understandings and experiences, to foster research communities, to learn from each other and to envision future directions. COOP conferences are clearly discussion oriented and the workshops shall share this characteristic.

Workshops run for a half or one full day and will take place the day before the conference opening. So workshops will be open to its participants and eventually to conference participants who will pay workshops registration fees, as on option.

Please look at the COOP’12 conference website ( to get more information about the COOP’12 conference and its audience. For a sample of workshop topics from last conferences, please look at the web sites of previous COOP workshop programs (COOP 2010 ).

Workshop proposals should consist of an abstract and a detailed proposal. The abstract should be no more than 150 words. The body of the proposal should be no more than 3000 words, and should include: - Title of the workshop - Organizers - Description of the theme(s) of the workshop, - Workshop activities and goals, - Type of interaction which is planned for the workshop - Background of the organizer(s), - Maximum number of participants, - Related work - Duration (half or full day) - Reviewing process - Please include in your proposal the kind of technical support being needed

Workshops description and Call for Papers will be put on the COOP’12 web site. We also encourage workshop organizers to create web-based resources for their workshops so that advertising, submission and organization can be handled online (a link will then be made from COOP’12 web site to the workshop web-site). We also give workshops’ organizers support using of the COOP’12 conference submission tool.

Download call for workshop here
Questions concerning workshop proposals:
Please contact COOP 2012 Workshop Chair directly via email: